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Asian Music Seminar

Asian Music Seminar (AMS) shines much needed light on successes in the music business that attendees can learn from in order to progress ahead. The Asia Pacific region is an ever growing economy and the 'AMP Asian Music Seminar' reaches out to the music industry to help all the players – artists, writers, producers, media, record labels, publishers, promoters, events companies, distributors, merchandising companies – improve every aspect of their business in these new markets. AMS offers insight on how to export music as well as related products and services not only in the UK, but Asia and other relevant territories around the globe recognising the huge Asian diaspora with a thirst for new music.

The event is designed to inspire positive change and cohesiveness within the Asian Music Industry and extinguish the 'dog-eat-dog' business attitudes of the past as well as welcome non-Asian musicians and labels to find out how they can bridge the gap and enter a new market.

AMS is a place to share knowledge, learn and grow your music business.

Discussion topics include

Beginners Guide to Music Publishing

How can you earn from your songs, for life.

The business of administration, sync, licensing, world territories, copyright, music for film and benefits of co-writing.

Local Gigs to World Tours

How to maximise opportunities and get to the next level and ensure you don't get stung in the process.

Legal agreements and contracts. Are you making use of all income streams? Tour management & tour support. Ancillary income whilst on tour.

Music Management

What it takes to be a great manager today in a global market.

Global Management deals vs regional representation. How to become a successful manager and how to find the right representation for you.

Demo Listening Session

- with expert feedback from top Metropolis engineers & Industry experts

Is your music really good enough to move through the systems that have been put in place?

Global Digital Matters Explained

Is your music finding an audience and vice versa?

Digital distribution demystified. Digital promotion. How best to capitalise on Viral buzz in the digital and mobile realm.

Can we trust in Asian Media & Broadcasters (TV/RADIO/PRESS/ONLINE)

How good is the relationship between the Media and Broadcasters and the music Industry at large?

An open discussion about their experiences with media in general with a view to see what works well.

Marketing and PR 101

Growing a loyal consumer base internationally.

Direct to Consumer and Business to Business. Side step the obstacles with help from industry experts and labels and artists who are walking the walk.


Is it as bad as we think?

Legal Matters explained from Music Lawyers.


Handling your money better and setting up a scalable music business.

Time will be given to each trade body to explain to the Asian Music Industry as to how they can be of help to them in context of the seminar, which is all about expanding income streams and scaling local music business to a global market.

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